Jelly Roll Quilts

One of the funnest fabrics  that I receive to work with are Jelly Rolls.  These are typically a roll of fabric from a collection by a designer.  Most of the time, they Jelly Roll contains two 2 1/2″ x WOF cuts in the Jelly Roll.  However, there are other Jelly Rolls available.  Moda offers a number of Jelly Rolls that are all white fabric, all wheat-colored fabric as well as red and black Jelly Rolls and then Marble Jelly Rolls.  USUALLY, I use the designer’s Jelly Rolls for quilts and the Moda Jelly Rolls for binding quilt projects.

Jelly Rolls are perfect for my “lazy quilter” status.  🙂

In October, I picked up some beautiful batik Jelly Rolls at Quilt Market:


Thus far, I have used them mainly to bind quilts – but, I truly want to put a simple quilt together with the remainder of my Jelly Rolls.  I am thinking a quilt like this that I designed a few years ago:

Or perhaps I’ll design something else – fun and funky, to match the batik fabrics in the Jelly Rolls.

What type of fun quilts have YOU made with Jelly Rolls?

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    Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Houston We Go!

    It’s that time of year again – time to head east on the highways and biways of Texas to attend the International Quilt Market in Houston!  I love this trip, haven’t missed one since moving back home to Texas.  I’ll only be gone over the weekend, but it’ll be great to go and enjoy my passion with adults for a change!

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