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Monday, February 26, 2007
6 pm

Skin that is Allergic to the World

11;15 am

The Beginning of a Quilt Design

Sometimes I start a quilt with a block.  Just a single block.  And then I design the quilt around and with that block.  Quilt design such as I prefer, very traditional, is pretty simple - it's usually the colors that "make" a quilt and once you get past those, the blocks will be seen for what they are.  It doesn't have to be fancy, IMO, it has to flow together!  This past month, our little local quilt group, Medina Quilters, handed out a block of the month for us to make.  The block was a simple improved four patch block.

My husband has a second cousin who is graduating from high school in May and I had already purchased the fabric to make her a quilt.  Buying the fabric was a challenge in and of itself!  Miss L loves orange.  Her high school colors are purple and white ... and she's heading off to a popular Texas college destination that has maroon and white as their colors!  Those three (orange, purple and maroon) colors are just not something that you'd usually get to blend together in a quilt!  UNLESS, like me <grin>, you found a fabulous focus fabric that really brought these colors together!  Additionally, I am not a wasteful person with my fabric or my time, so decided to begin her quilt with this BOM square from our quilt group:

Once I had that done, I made 3 more just like it!  Now, I took this first block and created other blocks for the quilt out of the same concept -- the on-point square in the center with the focus fabric on the corners, and the center to be made from just squares or rectangles - no triangles or curves.  I also figured out that I was going to make a 4-block width x 5-block height for her quilt.  Here's the remaining blocks that I have pieced:

Now comes the tricky part - putting these all together in a quilt!  Oh, one more thing is that I have a green dimple fabric to use for the sashing, like the grass between the flower beds!  Now, what layout to use?

Sunday, February 25, 2007
10:30 am

Remember ...

Last July, we went to the Oregon Aquarium and turned our attentive children loose on the water-logged creatures that reside there.  Everyone lived to tell about it ... at least my creatures did, I'm not sure how those in Oregon fared after we left!

I haven't been able to get this photo and this color combination out of my mind:

The quilt designer in me had to make something with these colors in it.

I was sitting here this morning adding another set of block instructions to one of the quilts that I had designed last year.  Guess what?  I realized I had already made a quilt with these colors in it!  The CB Chelsea Lane Sampler!

Whew.  Now I can relegate that little portion of my brain to something more exciting ... like what to cook for dinner!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007
12:05 pm

Update on the Casa de Harrison

Been lots going on here at Casa de Harrison, but nothing really jumps out as that exciting!  We are still awaiting electricity to our land, which may take another 6 weeks or so.  The kids are doing great in their school, two big girls were listed on the 2nd Honor Roll.  Young manly man doing fine, some days are better than others ... but, at least we're not called to school every other day for disciplinary reasons!  The youngest Miss is learning to read, and BOY is she EXCITED about that!  And BOY does it drive me bonkers when I have to spell words over and over and over again!

We spent this past weekend at my SIL's house, having a little bit of fun and getting out to boot scoot.  I snuck an opportunity to snap photos of her most prized possessions (besides her kids and ME, of course), as she's the Chili Pepper Queen of Texas!


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