Quilted Kitchen: Devil’s Claw Quilt Block & Devil’s Food Cake Recipe — 4 Comments

  1. Where are the instructions for sewing the block together? I am a fairly new quilter.

  2. After reading your comment and looking at the quilt block, I realized it was not written beginner-friendly – my apologies. I edited the post so that a confident beginner (i.e. someone comfy sewing with triangles) should be able to follow along with the diagram to create this quilt block. There are only six flying geese and one quarter-square triangle now instead of the diagram I had placed there previously. Sew each of your components separately. Sew the flying geese together first. Using four of them, sew two together for the left side of the center of the block, then the two for the right side. Next, sew the quarter-square triangle together. Next sew the quarter-square triangle together. Once done, sew a flying geese piece to the top and bottom of the center quarter-square triangle. Finally, sew your three strips together – left, center & right!

  3. I am wondering if you used more than a 1/4 inch seam. My points are very close to the edge. Would a 3/8 or 1/2 inch seam be a better idea.

  4. I write the patterns as they are written in my program. I have heard from many quilters that they dislike cutting an 1/8″ anything, which is why I round my cutting instructions down 1/8″, as needed. However, when I personally put a quilt block together, I always make my half-square triangles larger than necessary, then cut them down to the exact size I need. Funny you should ask this now. I was getting ready to schedule my blog posts for the coming week and I had already decided to add that little quilt note to my quilt block cutting instructions starting this week. 🙂

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