She Was Welcomed with Open Arms — 1 Comment

  1. Ahhh…so glad to hear the the BIG DAY fiiinnnaaallllyyyy arrived! And it looks like a sunny day no less – all I hear on the news is rain and flooding in TX. So glad that God smiled down on little G becoming an “official” Child of God. Perhaps the sun rays were Tia’s special gift.

    Still remember washing JD and 3’s shirts when 2 and 3 were baptized – I think I left the ironing to you though!

    Glad to see the 4th pictures of the 4, but esp. 1 and 2 and how they’ve grown. 1 is looking ever so much like her mother – except for the two parts that won’t be far away.

    I’m headed to a tent revival tonight – my first ever, even after living in the south for 3.5 years. One of my students is preaching – should be fun!

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