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  2. Oh my goodness! Now I get it! I LOVE Strippin’ with the Stars!
    As a matter of fact, the title alone had me SCREAMING!!! What a creative mind! Hysterical!

    Just email me privately, and tell me what you want/need. I’m at your disposal!

    Your blog has me howling! And anyone who knows me knows that if you can make me laugh, you’ve won me forever!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Valentinemato! LOLOL xooxm

    Mark Lipinski

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  4. You rock! As I do know Mark if he found you then you are on the in list! Have fun designing I know I am! Mark is the best thing to happen in quilting since sliced bread! A breathe of fresh air etc etc etc…. I know he has won many hearts over with his laughter and wit. I wish you and Mark great success! Enjoy the ride!

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  6. Um hum… my dear Buddy Tammy has had me laughing at her antics for well over a decade. I consider myself SO LUCKY… I possess several of her GORGEOUS quilts! Including one that’s KING SIZE. She’s SO talented.

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