According to the “Farmers’ Almanac” the Bees have been Slowly Disappearing — 4 Comments

  1. I’m having trouble finding the Honey Chicken recipe with the “You Found It” link.

  2. Kathy: Use the search box (click on the magnifying glass) in the upper right-hand corner of my header. Then copy the hint & paste it into the search box. The very first blog post, that comes up in your search, should be the one with the image that you are looking for in it. TK Harrison

  3. The instructions above do not work. Cannot copy Hint and when I type in the hint get error message. Is there another way to get it?

  4. Donna: I’m not understanding your comment? Just now, I highlighted the hint and copied it, then pasted it in the search box of my blog. And the first blog post that appeared was the one with the final Quilt Dash image in it. Will you please try to do it the exact same way that I just explained to you that I did? TK Harrison

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