The Colors of Education Quilt

In February, I started working on a quilt gift for my husband’s second cousin, who was graduating from high school.  I had fun putting together a couple of traditional blocks, and then designing a few more blocks to match the theme and style of the quilt. 

Of course, as the summer and our house turned life beyond hectic, I forgot to finish the quilt on time.  oops!

But, it’s done now and as far as I’m concerned, it turned out absolutely gorgeous! 


A few quilt therapy notes about this quilt.  First, when my husband was helping me hang it up to photograph, he had to put his sunglasses on becasue it was SO BRIGHT!  Second, when I handed the quilt to Miss L, her aunt (my SIL) had to “tell her” to hug me and thank me for it.  ummm, the girl is 18 years old and she didn’t know to do this already?!  {shaking my head sadly}.  Finally, I’m writing this quilt pattern and will offer it for sale soon!

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