One Quilter Can Make a Difference

I have worked hard this year at trying to make one charity quilt in between other quilt projects I have created.  For instance, if I am working on a quilted gift for a loved one, I make that gift and then make a charity quilt, then make another quilt, etc. etc.

My own quilting is about me, whether those quilts are made for others, made for my websites or made for a magazine.  I’ve designed them, I’ve chosen the fabric for them.  I’ve gifted them with love.

My charity quilts are NOT about me.  They are about the charity that they go to.  They are no less loved than my own quilts but they are far more important, in the big scheme of all things quilted, than my personal quilt to-do lists.

There are thousands of quilts given away through the charity I work with.  THOUSANDS.  My contribution is an extremely small part of that.

Now, as one quilter, I can make a difference.  What would happen if a dozen, a hundred, a thousand quilters joined in to make charity quilts?  YOU can make a difference.  One quilt at a time.

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