Scrappy But Special Memory Quilt

Sometimes, I like to look at my older quilting photographs.  Especially the ones that were special memory quilts – even scrappy memory quilts.

In 2010, I was brought together by a mutual friend – she worked with the lady who commissioned a quilt for me to make and I attended our monthly quilt group with the same wonderful lady.  Unfortunately, my friend passed away before she could even be with us for our first face-to-face meeting.

The customer asked me to take fabric from her daughter’s clothes and make a memory quilt out of it.  The really fun part of this quilt wasn’t planning or making it, it was hearing stories about each piece of fabric that was left with me.  Most of the clothes were made by the recipient’s grandma – worn by the little girl when she was young.

Nothing amazing about the quilt pattern I chose.  But my piecing goal was accomplished as every square framed, in that quilt, was showcasing these special fabrics that had been saved for at least 15 years.  And when the mother saw my creation, she had tears in her eyes.  There is no better satisfaction (to me) than knowing you’ve done a quilt proud than when that quilt brings such emotions to those who order and receive them.


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