A Chip Off the Ole’ Block

I was a Thespian in high school.  I most-enjoyed the ability to live life through someone else’s world.  I was even awarded a scholarship (which went unused) to a college for theatre. 

Alas, acting was not to be for me as the only drama I get now is what these four wild kids create!

But, the manly man has decided that he wants to make a movie.  


We think that’s a good thing, so we’re encouraging him and helping him with it.  Today, we laid out the main characters, the mysterious plot, the special features and then an outline of the scenes.  Tomorrow, he’ll start writing the script for each scene.  He’s *very* excited about his movie – and I hope it helps him see that his fantabulous imagination can bring good fun to his days!

Stay tuned for …. The Jungle Adventures!

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