These Hills are Alive…with the Smell of Herbs!

My husband planted some beautiful herbs last year.  They are beautiful because they are annuals and as long as we water them, don’t let them go to seed and the Texas heat doesn’t kill them…they will come back year after year.  LOVE me that kind of gardening!  Not to mention that we can either freeze some of them (basil frozen, check) or dry some of them in the food dehydrator.  So I can have fresh, home-grown, organic herbs whenever I cook…or hubby cooks.

Here’s some of my beautiful herbs:







A word of warning…do NOT plant chives if you have free range turkeys.  Within the first month of having planted chives, the two Tom turkeys we have ate the chives down to the roots!  Really chapped my khaki’s because that was one of the few items I would have cooked with most often!

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