The Spawn BRAT

That BRAT had a birthday this week. She’s now 12. The jury is still out as to
whether she’ll make it to 13.

So, a month ago, MIL and I were discussing the BRAT’s birthday and I said I’d
buy the bedroom stuff she wanted (comforter, dust ruffle, etc.) and I’d leave
whatever else up to MIL — but, she needed to be sure to get the new Harry
Potter book.

I took the BRAT to San Antonio on Saturday and found a cute bedroom set for her
bed, $350 worth! Bedspread, dust ruffle, sheets, pillow shams, pillow cases.
It’s nice and it suits her to a T.  She had it on her bed before I turned
around and wouldn’t even let me wash it.

Then Monday, MIL took her to town because she wanted new jeans and new crop
pants from the grandmama – who gets a special discount because she’s a retired
associated of a large department store chain.

So, she had only one gift to open on the night of her special day because
we’d already put everything else on her bed. She opened it was done.

It dawned on me that we were MISSING something — so, I mentioned it.

Do you know what that little BRAT did? They had stopped and picked up the new
book while they were in town, and the BRAT had HIDDEN it.

Not only hidden it, but I went into her room to see how her new pants looked
and I laid on her bed and that BOOK was INSIDE her pillow sham that I laid on
and I didn’t know it!

She can’t read it yet because she hasn’t read #6 yet, but she had to have the
book … and I HAD TO READ IT!

Way to pull one over on the mom, for sure.


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