Quilt Studio Dream Design

My quilt studio still isn’t ready for action but I am impatiently anticipating and dreaming of the finished space.  All of the walls and ceiling will be white – I wanted a totally blank space so my fabric colors aren’t affected by any tinting in paint colors.  The floor tiles we chose are not quite white but pretty close.

So, time to put my mad designing skillz to the test.  I already have most of the furniture and appliances that will go into my studio, but it doesn’t hurt for a quilt girl to dream now does it?  Mind you, as a person with MS, I want everything on wheels (that lock and unlock) so that if I reach a point where I cannot walk very well, I can move items around to fit myself in a rolling desk chair or a wheelchair.

If I had unlimited funds, these are the items I would add to my studio to make it quiltastic:

I would not use this as a cutting table as it’s too short for me.  However, it would make a great spot to put finished quilt blocks, waiting to be sewn together.

This is the table that would be used for cutting as it extends tall enough for my height.  Plus, the table top unlocks and rotates vertically for easier storage.  AND, by tossing a bit of batting over the top, this piece could also double as a design wall!

There is a little alcove with a window where my foster mother reserved as her special spot.  In that space, she needs a recliner, in case she wants to grab a quick nap.  The splash of color that this lounge chair would bring to the studio would be perfect!

I already have one of these shelf units and our plan is to purchase two more and then put casters on the legs.  The shelves would be placed side-by-side (by width) and with the casters, they can be moved back and forth for easy fabric access from either side.

We have already decided to go with task lighting and not overall lighting, and with a couple of these OttLite floor lamps, mobile pure lighting is the name of the game!

Although this doesn’t totally outfit my studio, it does give me a great perspective on what would and wouldn’t work in the space I have.  And there are many items I already have in my current sewing room that can be re-used…such as open plastic baskets for the shelves, thread spool holders, ironing board, etc.  I am perfectly happy with these things, no matter where they will be placed.

What about you?  How would you design your quilt studio dream?

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