She Was Welcomed with Open Arms

Today is a day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be proud in it.

There have been a lot of things that have gotten in the way of baptizing our youngest daughter.  Actually, there have always been issues with our children getting baptized, and frankly, none of the kids were baptized upon birth as most would do if they believed in infant baptism.  We believe in it, we just couldn’t get it done then!  First, was schedules.  Ours, her sponsors, etc.   Lest not forget the dresses for the girls, which *had* to be made by my husband’s mother.  And she was not always able to do that upon demand.  And then there was our feelings and/or relationships with the churches we attended.  I guess we’re just not easy folk to please!

All of our children share the same sponsors (aka Godparents).  Unlike with most families, it was *very* important for us to determine who would raise our children should my husband and I not be able to.  Since my own parents died when I was a child and didn’t make this provision while they were alive, it was ever-so necessary for me to have a plan of action, just in case.  When we had our first daughter, we went over and over all of the people we knew — who could care for her, who had the means to do so, who had the love to do so and who had the ability to do so.  It’s never easy to do this, but my peace of mind was at stake and that was most important at the time.  We determined that one of my husband’s best friend from his college days was the most-prepared and capable of the task.  We didn’t want to hurt anyone (not possible, of course), but we wanted our child to not be a burden.  I was a burden to whomever raised me … and so were my siblings.  There is no way anyone will convince me that they took in the Spencer kids out of love — it was necessity or selfishness (or both), end of story.  I had to raise the bar on my expectations and look outside of those who expected to take on my kid … to those who would love to take on my kid. 

Our children called Dentist-Friend Tio (uncle in Spanish) and his lovely wife, Dentist-Friend-Too, was known as Tia (aunt in Spanish).  Tio and Tia were tickled pink when we discussed their role and our expectations as Godparents to our child(ren).  They embraced us and delighted in their new-found roles … and that sealed the deal with both myself and my husband.  We knew that our children would be cared for out of love, first – always love.

But, our hearts were broken when our last daughter was about two years old — Tia passed away suddenly of complications from surgery.  I certainly understand why God would want such a loving, caring soul to have wings and be the light of heaven’s lights…but, it was ever-so sad, nonetheless.  And it also put the baptism of our youngest daughter on hold yet again.

A year later, when we were ready, Tio was changing jobs and trying to get through his grief – he wasn’t ready yet.

Another year later and we were disillusioned with the church we were attending and didn’t want any part of adding baptized numbers to their synod ranks.

Yet another year found us facing selling our house and moving 1500 miles away.

And it’s taken us nearly a year of living here to be ready to transfer our membership from our old church and get Miss Last-kid baptized!

Today was the day!  In a beautiful dress that her grandma made for her, she was moving up to share in His Grace.


And it was an appropriate day, too as our middle two children were baptized on a July 23rd … and that happens to be our oldest daughter’s birthday!

And it was a blessing from above.  Miss Shy-When-I-Want-To-Be was just that, and it took a little while for her to move up and receive her gift of Holy Baptism.  Once she did, though, she was fine … and she loved the attention the entire congregation gave to her!


We were also welcomed as member’s of our new church home, with hugs and well wishes from a number of folks.  That was sweet and special.  Then, we went to lunch with Tio and his girlfriend and Miss Last-kid was blessed with some special gifts to help her remember this day forever and ever.

We are loved, and that is a feeling one can never get enough of!

Go in Peace, Serve the Lord!

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    1. Miss Carla says:

      Ahhh…so glad to hear the the BIG DAY fiiinnnaaallllyyyy arrived! And it looks like a sunny day no less – all I hear on the news is rain and flooding in TX. So glad that God smiled down on little G becoming an “official” Child of God. Perhaps the sun rays were Tia’s special gift.

      Still remember washing JD and 3’s shirts when 2 and 3 were baptized – I think I left the ironing to you though!

      Glad to see the 4th pictures of the 4, but esp. 1 and 2 and how they’ve grown. 1 is looking ever so much like her mother – except for the two parts that won’t be far away.

      I’m headed to a tent revival tonight – my first ever, even after living in the south for 3.5 years. One of my students is preaching – should be fun!

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