Confessions of a Quilting Hoarder

I posted a status update on my Facebook wall the other day, which read:  “I BELIEVE…if you are a quilter, you are a hoarder. Fabric, patterns, gadgets, etc. We hoard them all!”

The responses to my status post were from both ends of the spectrum and all in between.  Most of those who agreed with me, did it with glee.  There weren’t many quilters who disagreed with me, but some took exception to my use of the word ‘hoarders’ – by coming up with different terms, such as CURAtors or enthusiastic collectors.

No matter what you choose to call your quilt, quilt pattern and quilt gadget stash, you have to admit that it sure is nice to be able to go to your sewing room or studio and find the exact fabric you need for a project, all because you liked it and purchased it and saved it for just the right masterpiece.

I shall now present you with Exhibit A – a photo of one of the shelves with baskets that hold part of my quilt hoarding fabric collection:


I’m not ashamed of the quilt fabric hoarding that I have amassed over 30+ years of quilting…but, the only people outside of my family that I let into my quilt room are other quilters – because they understand what a quilt room is supposed to look like!

The only problem I’m currently encountering is where to put more quilt STUFF!  I have a small chest of drawers that we cleaning out of my son’s room and replaced with a larger chest of drawers (the smaller one has been his since he was born, so it has been way too small for his clothes for quite some time).  This smaller chest will go out to my quilt studio once it’s complete – but, I may have to start filling the drawers up in it now (blush) because there’s barely room to walk in my sewing room!

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    1. Deb Ladenberger says:

      I want to help you with that stash of yours. Would love to live in your stidio so move over girlfriend. Lol

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