Equal Opportunity Quilter

You may recall that earlier this summer, I made a t-shirt quilt that was made with a whole lot of maroon and white fabric, from one of the two main universities in Texas.  If you want a refresher on that quilt, you can search “t-shirt” (no quotes) in the search box on this blog.

I was asked a couple of weeks ago to put together a quilt for a local business owner who is pregnant.  I know the recipient’s mother and love her to pieces.  Normally, with my MS so out of control these days, I would never have taken on a project that had such a quick deadline…but, because I care for the lady who ordered it and I care for the Mom of the intended, I said I would do it.

This quilt was to be from clothes from the recipient’s father, who passed away earlier this year.  When I finally got the clothes, I was perplexed at what to do with them.  There were two shirts, one pair of khaki pants and a number of golf towels in the bag.  HUH?

I had an MRI in the city on Friday and we had a bit of spare time before we picked up our daughter for the weekend so we stopped at a fabric store so I could pick up some fabric to use on the baby quilt.  Based on the colors of the quilt I made earlier this year, this time, the fabric was from the other major university in Texas – I am nothing but an equal opportunity quilter!


I spent the weekend trying to figure out how I was going to make this quilt, since the fabrics were all different.  I put together the center of the quilt…then added a bit more…then contemplated the universe how I was going to incorporate the golf towels into the quilt.  Finally, on Sunday evening, it hit me…and I went forth and conquered!  Monday evening, I completed the baby quilt top and it’s ready for the quilter.


Whew, made it by the deadline without stressing myself and making my MS worse!

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