Bibliophiles Raising More Bibliophiles

My husband has a PhD.  He has been a researcher and bibliophile for many, many years.  In fact, when the traveling salesmen were going door to door, his folks bought him and his sister a set of encyclopedias.  My MIL still has those books – and when we sometimes feel nostalgic, we get them out and have a big ole giggle at the pages where he underlined things, wrote in the margins, etc. all before the age of five.  At this stage in his life, his reading and research has a much more theological slant but he also enjoys reading how to live off the land and be sustainable.  Nonfiction reader, unless it’s a good J. Frank Dobie book he hasn’t read before – and we think he’s read all of those.

Then he met me.  I, too, have always been a bibliophile.  Except I prefer fiction and get a little anxious when I am reading the last book that I have in my iPad library- wondering all the while what the next book I will be buying and hopefully having enough money to buy more than one so I can read a book without worrying about what is next!  Reading is now, with this MS blessing in my life, one way for me to calm the dizziness down that I get most days.  It has become a necessary part of my MS life.

Enter a couple of bibliophiles who have four children.  These four kids are ours were each blessed with Nooks for Christmas last year by a very special angel on earth.  They read like there’s no tomorrow – every single one of them.  Every day.  Any way they can squeeze another five minutes of reading, they will try it out on us.  Hiding in their rooms before family prayers and bedtime – just in case we adults forget to call them for prayers so they can read more.  They still love to go to the library but if they have books on their Nooks, that will suit all of them just fine.

But, THIS one takes the (banana) cake!  When only one or two kids are home for supper, I allow them to read at the table with their meals.  They talk if they want to but at least with a book, they do not jam their mouths with food and then talk with food in their mouths.  LOL  Last night, only two daughters at the table.  I come to say grace with them and realize they both have books…except this middle daughter of ours has created her very own Nook holder:


And I, obviously, don’t have to ask her if she wants fries with that because they are right there on her plate!

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