Documenting a Quilt with Photography

I am pretty retentive when it comes to photographing my quilts – whether I am making one from someone else’s pattern or one of my own designs.  I try to take a picture of each block that goes into a traditional block quilt (or the finished project if it’s not traditional blocks).  As I was searching for a quilt I made a number of years ago, I realized I had some of block photographs and thought I’d have my own little show n’tell with quilts that I made in 2004.  Hope you enjoy the journey with me – and if you click on the blocks, you will see the quilt that the block goes with at


“Cinnamon-Teen Chocolate Figs and Roses” Original BOM Quilt Designed by TK Harrison from


“TT Fairy Tale Garden” Original Quilt Designed by TK Harrison from


“TT Mistletoe in the Corner” Original Quilt Designed by TK Harrison from

These definitely weren’t all that I made in 2004, but it’s a start!  I think I’ll take some time to put some pages together for myself with photos of the quilt blocks and the finished quilts.  How do YOU document all of the quilts that you take?

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    1. Jean says:

      I do the same TK and recently one of the quilts I had donated to a local family who lost their home to fire was discovered by a quilter in NY on our local Goodwill web auction. Thanks to the pictures on my blog and the label on the back this quilter reached out to me and I was able to bid on it and bring it back home. In the meantime I am praying to meet a baby Kayden to donate it to! I also believe someday when I am gone, my family will be able to see my life work!

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