Our #2 Daughter is Following in My Footsteps

DD#2 is taking a family living sewing class this semester.  I am very proud of her final project in this semester class, even though I had little to do with her actual project except for choosing the fabrics with her!


And she had enough of a couple of the fabrics to make yet another pillow:

IMG_9861 (284x450)

She was pleased as punch with both of her sewing/quilting adventures – and so was I!

Oopsie daisy!  I spoke too soon – I found DD#2 going through my fabric stash again because she wants to make a pillow for her sister’s graduation gift.  Perhaps I should be upset about it – but why?  As my foster mother said many times when she was here this past winter – who is she hurting?  If the answer is no one (except her mom’s stash), then let them do it.  And with that, I did – I even helped her with a contrasting fabric to match the fabric her sister loved!

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    1. Marian Vollans says:

      That is great and I love the fact that you are helping her picking the fabric out for her projects. You know her projects are going to last as you use good quality fabric and that is important to keep the joy of quilting alive. Perhaps you can work on a project together, that would be lots of fun to do.

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