Hole in the Barn Door Quilt

I can finally reveal this image of the quilt that took me forever to make because it is a purple quilt and purple is my least favorite color and I can reveal it because the bride and groom were gifted with it this past weekend:


And I said something really corny in the note I wrote for this couple, but it was funny as well as a bit serious at the same time.  They’re both educated so I think they’ll get it.  🙂

But the next time someone asks me to make a purple quilt?  I may have to decline.  This quilt took me six months to complete, which is WAY TOO LONG for a non-BOM quilt!  What’s your least-favorite color to use while quilting?

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    1. Diane says:

      I have very few purple fabric as well. Maybe five fat quarters. I don’t buy purple or batiks.

    2. SaraF says:

      The purples are all beautiful in this quilt so even if you don’t like that color you did a great job of choosing fabrics. My least favorite color when quilting has been brown, but I’ve been forcing myself to use it more. I just finished a pink and brown quilt that I really like. And I used a lot of brown in a baby quilt this winter because the aunt requesting the quilt wanted brown and cream and light blue. And I like the finished quilt. Still don’t love brown, but am learning to be OK with using it.

      It is good to be forced out of my comfort zone once in awhile. Still like my brights the best though.

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