Quilting with an Unloved Color

I posed this question on Facebook yesterday and got some very interesting responses.  Let’s see if I get any others that may help me in the future.

What do you do when you are making a quilt out of colors specifically chosen by the gift recipient – but, the main color is one you absolutely cannot stand?

I will admit that for me, the color I abhore is purple.  I am not sure why except that I cannot wear purple or lilac because of my skin tones – hence, I dislike working with nearly all shades of purple.  That seems to be the only issue I can think of in my memory that makes me dislike the color so much.

ACK – bad, bad color!  But, I tried to make it a better experience by using part of the quilt in the header image of this blog this month – yet, I cringe when the blog comes up each time 🙁 .

You can be sure I will NOT be wearing purple when I get older, as that one poem suggests.  NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN.

I am on the final leg of the journey through this quilt of purples:

IMG_9773 (450x292)

The binding is all that is left, and I just could NOT help myself – I strayed from plain Jane purple and added some batiks that had purple in them for the borders.  Making a totally purple quilt is just not something I’m capable of doing, so I had a little fun with the binding 🙂 !

What do YOU do when having to make a quilt with a color you dislike?

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    1. Robin Bunch says:

      I have not really made any quilts with colors I don’t like but I purchased some fabrics this weekend that are not anywhere near my favorites, a halloween batik that called for that yellowish green color (you know the one, kinda what the end results of feeding a baby peas looks like) to go with it. Going to make some kind of a strip quilt from it. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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