The More I Know People, The More I Like My Dog

When I first met my husband, he had a magnet on his fridge that said “The more I like people, the more I like my dog.”

At the time, I didn’t realize just how true that statement was for him.

Over the weekend, he and our son were doing their weekly manly duties and went to town to take the trash to the dump.  At the end of our road is the highway and when he turned his head to check for traffic before proceeding out onto the road, he spotted a woman and a dog in the middle of a bridge.  Things didn’t look right so he turned in that direction to see if she needed assistance.

Come to find out, it was a neighbor lady who has early stages of Alzheimer’s, and she found the dog playing in the river and knew it didn’t belong there and she was trying to find its owner.  When she told DH that she had something to say to him but forgot what it was, it dawned on him who she was.  And then he realized he needed to get her home because he was sure her family didn’t know she’d wandered off.

My loving husband … goes to town … finds a woman and a dog.

He returns the woman to her husband …

and brings the dog home.

There’s a magnet if I ever saw one!

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