Mug Rug Day #4 Simple Tutorial

Since we’ve got a couple of mug rug tutorials under our belt, I have completed the one for today with a lot less photos.   In fact, the only photo I have for you is one of my completed mug rug!

Let’s start with the basics and get that out of way:

  • You need two pieces of fabric (for the front and back) about 6″ – 7″ x 8″ -9″
  • You need a few coordinating scraps
  • A scrap of batting
  1. Cut your front fabric to the size you desire
  2. Cut the back fabric and batting about an inch larger than your front fabric
  3. Using one of the heart shapes below, trace the heart shapes on the back of the coordinating scraps – you will need TWO (2) heart shapes
  4. Either use a fusible web or a temporary spray adhesive to place the hearts on the front fabric
  5. Using a zig-zag or blanket stitch, stitch the hearts to the front fabric
  6. Create your quilt sandwich with the back fabric, batting and front fabric, pinning the three together a few times so they do not move
  7. Quilt the mug rug in whatever quilt pattern you desire
  8. Once quilted, square the mug rug up and using a 2″ x WOF strip, bind the mug rug and then whip-stitch the binding to the back of the mug rug

Here are two different heart shapes you can use as templates.  Click on the image you would like to use and it will open in a new window – then, either save the image to your computer or print it out from the page:


3″ x 3″ heart


4″ x 4″ heart

And – ta-da!  Here is the finished mug rug:


Tomorrow, we will complete our mug rugs with one that combines all of the techniques we’ve used this week!

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    1. Robin Bunch says:

      Looking at how small these are, wouldn’t it be possible to do the quilt as go method on them, and then bind them? I may have to try that.

    2. Tammom says:

      Yes, Robin, you could certainly do that! When I made them, they were done within an hour – even with quilting and binding. So, quilt as you go could be done – but, why? They’re so small, it truly doesn’t take long to put it together and quilt it before adding the binding.

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