Mug Rug Day #3 Simple Tutorial

The second mug rug tutorial I’d like to show you is based on a simple quilt block – the Pinwheel.  You can use this technique for any quilt blocks but I seem to make a lot of pinwheels in my quilting adventures so that’s what I made this mug rug out of.  I also happen to have a lot of test blocks in my stash, and any of those blocks would have worked great for this project, too!

First, choose two (or more, especially if you’re using your stash) fabrics and cut them into 10″ squares.  You can make these smaller or larger, depending on what size you want your finished mug rug.  I made mine big because when I started this block, I didn’t know what size I wanted it to end up to be:

IMG_9678 (450x282)

Sew the squares, right sides together, 1/4″ all the way around the edges of the blocks.

IMG_9679 (450x299)

After you have sewn the blocks together, cut them TWO (2) times diagonally, corner-to-corner:

IMG_9680 (450x299)

Next, press your seams toward the darkest fabric to reveal FOUR (4) half-square triangles – and be sure to clip your corners!

IMG_9681 (450x311)

Set your Pinwheel in the correct order and sew two rows of two blocks together and then sew the two rows together.

IMG_9682 (450x263)

Then cut your block down to the size you want it to be – I chose an 8 1/2″ unfinished block with a goal of an 8″ finished block after quilting.

IMG_9684 (450x229)

It’s time to make your quilt sandwich with the backing, batting and Pinwheel block!

IMG_9686 (450x318)

Then quilt your mug rug:

IMG_9687 (450x299)

IMG_9689 (450x313)

Now, square up your mug rug and cut the block it to your desired size:

IMG_9690 (450x331)

Finally, bind your mug rug with a 2″ x WOF strip of coordinating fabric:

IMG_9691 (450x293)

IMG_9692 (450x349)

IMG_9693 (450x331)

IMG_9694 (450x398)

IMG_9697 (450x299)

Stay tuned tomorrow for a bit more challenging mug rug tutorial!

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