Mug Rug #1

Mug rugs are all the latest craze in quilting.  I have not made any to-date, but have received a lovely one from a virtual friend and MS sister, that is being put to very good use in our house:


Since I am not a coffee drinker nor a coaster user, I did not think this was something I would enjoy making.  How wrong I was!  I think testing out different quilt blocks would be a perfectly good use of my time – and when done, make mug rugs out of them!  Not to mention a great way to use up smaller stash fabrics pieces!

As I investigated mug rugs, I came up with some fun explanations, tutorials and free patterns for you to check out:

Tomorrow, I hope to test out a quilt block pattern and then make a mug rug out of it!  Quilt On!

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