We Interrupt This Quilt Blog for a More Personal Look at Multiple Sclerosis — 4 Comments

  1. Oh Tammy, what an absolutely awful day! I pray it was a one time occurance. So sorry it happened. I hope the rest of this week and onwards will be better. Sending positive thoughts and wishes your way.
    Just signed up yesterday for the MS walk in Annapolis, Md on April 7.

  2. MS is an AWFUL disease. You’ve been handling it much better than I would. I’m so proud of you… but, in the same breath I’m sad that you have been given this burden to deal with. BLESS YOUR HEART. Love you.

  3. I’m glad you opened up about your health challenges. Live every good moment to the utmost. When the illness overtakes you, give yourself over to enduring and healing. Let those who love you help. Sometimes it is the one gift we are most reluctant to give. Regarding your children, I venture some advice garnered from my youth as daughter of a chronically ill mother and also a mother who was diagnosed with the same disease (Crohn’s) at 16. Do not wall off your suffering from your children. It is terrifying for them. Let them have the information they can understand, and even in your pain, let them know you are still their mother and the bonds of love are stronger than any disease. God bless you.

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