Let’s Have a UFO Quilt Party!

My foster mother is here in Texas to spend a couple of months with us – Iowa is a bit cold right now.  LOL

We were talking about quilt-related projects for her to do.  I helped the quilting bug invade her psyche a couple of years ago and she’s definitely hooked!

First, I gave her a verbal list of what blocks I’d started on and needed to finish.  Then, I gave her a list of quilts she could help me do with quilts that are completed except for their binding.

She also loves to hand-quilt, so I gave her a couple of (really late) prayer shawls to hand-quilt.

On top of that, I gave her a precut quilt for a charity and told her to have at it – the fabric is pre-cut and all she has to do is to follow the directions to put the baby quilt together.

I am nearly ashamed to admit that I have way more UFOs than I thought I did!!!  Here’s hoping she has fun wintering with us and helping me catch up on my quilting projects!!!   OH, and we hope she has a chance to have a little fun with us along the way!

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    1. SaraF says:

      Sounds to me like she will have lots of fun working on quilts. How lovely that you can enjoy the same activities.

      I recently made a list of my UFOs for a guild challenge for the year. Yikes! Way more than I thought too. And I’ve not made much progress so far in January on reducing that number either. I need a good old-fashioned blizzard to keep me home from work and give me some time to sew.

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