Is Garfield in the House?

Tonight is the Blue and Gold banquet for my son’s Cub Scout pack.  My husband is the committee chair, so he’s in charge of organizing this annual event.  Last year, we played dumb and held the banquet at a local restaurant … it was easy on us, and was acceptable. 

This year, we started a new pack, and therefore have a new sponsor…all in the town we live near (instead of the town where the girls go to school).  And ummm, really?  The town has just two restaurants, both of which close down after lunch, and neither of which could seat our group of cubbies and parents.

Plan B: we decided it was easiest to have our banquet at the church who sponsors the group as they do have the facilities to handle all of us.  But, then there was the matter of food.  We couldn’t really have the event catered, due to costs. 

So, I volunteered to handle the food.


Saturday evening, I put a red checked napkin over my shoulder (ambiance is necessary) and commenced to stirring in the pots, making my special spaghetti sauce.  Mama mia!  Last night, I put together six pans of lasagna, tempting Texican pseudo-Italian fare that is oh, so good.  That, along with chicken tenders (for those children, like mine, who do not care for lasagna), green beans, eight loaves of garlic bread and a salad should serve the masses … and cubbies and their parents, too!

After the kids went to bed, I then printed emblems and names, and ironed them onto tshirts for the graduating eighth graders at the girls’ school.  By the time 3 am rolled around, I was finally ready for bed!

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    1. mel... says:

      My Buddy, Tammy… you can accomplish more in one day than a dozen “Moms” put together!!! That lasagna MUST have been YUMMY!!! It sure LOOKS YUMMY! 🙂

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