Leftovers Again?

For those of you who have followed the never-ending saga of my skin allergies, the story continues.

I saw a different derm this week.  Her son is in my daughter’s class in school.  I’ll call her Dr. Italy.

She concurred with everything my derm in Utah said.  Yeah me!  I firmly believe in everything Dr. Y in Utah told me, because once I changed my lifestyle and lived within the parameters he suggested, my skin began to clear and the allergies all but left the building.

But, this time, I’m suffering from total body blisters.  I’ve never been this blistered before.  Ever. 

And Dr. Derm-a-Idiot gave me a script for meds that were mixed into my usual Vanicream.  That works, though it takes about a week of putting it on the affected areas, before it really works.  To top that off, I’m allergic to it on my hands, so I had to find an alternative way to apply it to my body.

Anyways, Dr. Italy took some swabs for labs and thinks I have a staph infection, on top of the unknown origin of dermatitis.  I’ll know Monday when the test results come back.  She also gave me a shot of antibiotics – said if it was a mild staph, it’d start to go away in a few days.  And if it is a staph, then she’d prescribe more antibiotics next week.  I’m to use the cream Dr. Y in Utah had prescribed to me, twice daily on the affected areas.  Right now, those areas are my left arm (below the elbow and down to the wrist) and my neck.  She asked me to remove all jewelry, too, saying my necklaces may be aggravating that area. 

And the kicker?  She told me to wrap the affected areas in plastic wrap for about 30 minutes each day.  Said it helps make the skin absorb the medicine.  Yeah, leftovers again. 

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