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Been a week of trying to get back into our groove, after the break and holiday last week.  Youngest daughter is having a hard time of it, as she’s still not getting enough sleep.  I guess we could put her to bed at 7 in the evening, but gee, it’s still light out and there’s no way she’d go down at that time! 

All three girls did extremely well with their third quarter grade reports … DD#1 has been keeping up with handing in her homework (she *does* it, she just doesn’t hand it in all the time), DD#2 has a 95 in spelling, which absolutely stuns us as she’s, ummm, how to put it gently, she’s not always interested in Mr. Webster’s opinion on how to spell things.  DD#3 is in first grade, so they are ranked by letters and not numbers – and, of course, her teacher thinks she’s wonderful (and if you compared her to the spirited boys in the class, she’s the queen). 

Yeah, I have some great kids – blessings, most of the time.

I still get riled up, occasionally, about their education.  For instance, the girls wear uniforms to school.  Occasionally, if they participate in something, they get a free dress day (still with rules, though).  In January, they had to attend a PTC meeting to perform some songs…so, they earned a free dress day for attending.  But, then this week, we get a note that says if they pay $1 to a charity that the school was supporting, they’d also get a free dress day. 

Help me to understand this, please?  I do know that my tuition dollars go toward the church and school’s agenda.  We signed on for that, when we agreed to put them in a parachial school.  We personally work hard to instill a sense of moral and social obligation to our children — if someone is in need, we should help them if we’re able.  But, to make a student pay to get a special treat (i.e the free dress day) so that the school has extra money for a charity?  I’m a bit reluctant to call that a “special treat.” 

I don’t know, it just hit me wrong when I read that note.  I suppose, as adults, we get special treats all the time for our money.  But, we have a *choice* to pay or not to pay.  With the school, all year, they’ve been gifting the kids with the free dress days for their participation in various events — so, the kids get used to and excited about being special enough to earn a free dress day.  Then, toward the end of the year, they hit the kids with something new – and the kids want to get the free dress day, because they’ve earned it all along and it’s a great sense of accomplishment.  But, now, it’s not some event they’re going to – it’s soliciting funds.  Pandering. 

I told my girls if they wanted to do it, they had to pay with their own money – not with mine.  And, of course, all three of them wanted to do it, so they cracked open their piggy banks and got their money together.  But, it still left a bad taste in my mouth.

We hit 90 degrees in these parts yesterday.  In March.  Already.  Is that a sign of our summer to come?


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