Oh Say Does That Star Spangled Banner Yet Wave

I am not sure why people say “Happy Memorial Day”, are you?  It is a national holiday to remember those who serve(d) and/or died for our country.  The sacrifices that a person makes to put their lives on hold to be in the service are huge.  I dislike hearing “Taps”, but I love it at the same time because it has a long-standing tradition – but the finality of it is deafening.  I have been to far too many funerals that were conducted with a 21-gun salute and that bugle reverently playing the song I will always remember as being the final leg of a life’s journey.

My brother has the flag that was presented to my sister-in-law from my brother Mike’s funeral.  Our sister has the flag that was presented to our mom at our dad’s funeral.  Neither were killed in the line of duty, but they were remembered for their service to our nation when they passed away.  God be with all men and women who are currently serving in our military. 

And God’s peace be with those whose last thread of a life is a flag folded in a wooden triangle frame.

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    1. SaraF says:

      I feel much the same about hearing Taps. It always brings a tear to my eyes. I was able to visit my parents’ grave on Sunday for the first time in more than 10 years as I live so far away now. I loved seeing the flag by dad’s military marker.

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