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One of the biggest questions I get, from men and women alike, is how in the world did I get started working from home.

Know what?  It just happened.  Well, I mean, staying home was intentional on my part – but, most of my work fell in my lap, and I was smart enough to see a good thing when I had it!

Before we had children, my husband and I decided that one of us would always be home, to raise the kids.  I honestly didn’t care which one of us stayed home, but both of us working outside of the home was not an option for us.  Our future children needed the stability of at least one parent, always.  My personal reasonings were because my folks died at such a young age that if I inherited their genes, I wouldn’t live to see my children grow up – and I wanted to give them all that I could, before that time potentially occurred.  For my husband, it had more to do with who was parenting the kids – giving them the core values that we held ourselves up to.  That should only come from a child’s parents.

After nearly 13 years of working from home, I have a little experience under my belt.  Blood, sweat and tears, too.  My passion has always been about choice – everyone should have and exercise their own choice about earning a living.  I’ve been involved with since 1999, because they promote the work-at-home lifestyle.  It’s all about taking your life as you want to – choosing to raise your own children, or working from home. 

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There are, of course, pros and cons to working from home.  Here’s my short-list of things to consider, if this is the type of lifestyle you seek:


  • Home and available for children and husband, at all times
  • Don’t have to have a work wardrobe
  • Can do laundry and run the dishwasher during the day, instead of cramming it all into the evening hours
  • Can schedule my work around my family
  • Way lower fuel and eating out budget
  • Freedom to choose


  • You’re home, so friends & family think you’re available all the time
  • Interruptions are constant
  • Your income is not always constant
  • Being responsible to a family and a business is a lot on your shoulders, at times
  • Not seeing & working with others, on a daily basis, can be a challenge if you’re a people-person

The biggest thing to consider, if you want to work from home, is how you’re going to balance your life.  When we moved back to Texas 2 years ago, we made the decision to move my office into an out-building, so that I could “leave” the house for work and not be bothered by the home issues, while I was trying to get things done.  This has been an excellent move, on our part, save for the fact that I like to work late at night when the house is quiet….so, I have to drive up the hill to get to my shed.  But, it also means that when I’m home, I can be the mom … and when I’m in my shed, I can be the small business owner.  I *can* do both, as long as we all realize the limitations and opportunities we have for making the most of our time.

My husband is doing a fabulous job of being Mr. Mom, and I’m enjoying my work moreso now than I ever have before.  But, it’s a daily devotion, if you will, to make sure we all have what we need from each other, while keeping the computer running to pay the rent.  And it’s something we’ll have to work on daily, as long as I choose to work at home.

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      I can’t remember for sure, as I AM MUCH OLDER than you… but, I THINK I’ve been around watching you and your Beloved the entire time! YOU BOTH are doing a FABULOUS job at parenting and working. Love y’all 😉 … me

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