Let Freedom Ring … for TexasWings.org

On this July 4th, I have a very simple but serious request for you to partake in.  Toyota is giving away 100 cars to non-profit organizations, and one that my husband’s cousin works with is http://www.TexasWings.org.  They would like the opportunity to win the car so they can transport more breast cancer patients to and from their radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

This opportunity is close to home as my MIL is a breast cancer survivor and my paternal grandmother had breast cancer way back early in her life.  

“Texas Wings provides no-cost cancer treatment to uninsured women in Central and south Texas since 1999 because everyone deserves a lifetime.”  They are a 2011 grantee of Susan G. Komen for the Cure San Antonio Affiliate.

Please, in between the family, fun, fireworks and food – take a moment to vote for Texas Wings at http://www.facebook.com/toyota

Do it for all women….who deserve a lifetime.

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    1. Alla says:

      Tricia your quilt turned out aliutbfuley! Way to go! Seems to me each time you start a new quilt, you’re taking the plunge. Why else would we take perfectly good fabric, hack it to pieces and put it back together again. And yet, each time, the outcome gives someone warmth and comfort.

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