My Mark Lipinski Post

I’m disappointed.

I designed the “Strippin’ with the Stars” quilt with Mark Lipinski’s Katmandu fabrics, and yet, he doesn’t notice / acknowledge me (errr, my blog or website).

You can see photos and information about this quilt, made with the Katmandu fabrics, here.

I am also the webmaster and quilt designing computer geek for, and I *know* Mark noticed her site & blog – because, he emailed her daugther when she put together the flip book on the fabrics!

I feel unappreciated.

I feel unloved.

Is it because I’m not in the Pickle Posse?  Please don’t judge me on that merit – I’m in Texas, and the word posse has a whole ‘nuther meaning in these parts, pardner.

Is it because I’m not a Clamatoe?  Or a Pumkin?

Or is it because I don’t flame him?  Puuuuuhhhhhhllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeee.  I don’t know him, how can I talk bad about him?  Even if I did know him, I would never talk bad about him – we all have good qualities, that help us shine as individuals – those are the things that I like to focus on with anyone!

Mark Lipinski

Mark Lipinski.

Mark Lipinski.

Mark Lipinski.

Let’s see if that does the trick!  Or this: presents an original block of the month quilt design, “Strippin’ with the Stars” with Mark Lipinski’s Katmandu fabric line, distributed by Troy fabrics.

And lest anyone, especially Mark Lipinski, think that I take my job lightly, let me enlighten you that I did my research prior to the designing and naming of this quilt pattern.  “Strippin with the Stars” got its name not just because all 12 blocks in the quilt are star blocks — but, also because Mark Lipinski had a life before quilting (is that possible??!!) whereby he was a producer for many talk show stars!

And the strippin’ part?  Well, errrr, ummmm, we’ll leave that to Mark’s imagination.  Only HE knows!

In all honesty, I want Mark (and no, dear, not in that way – I have a yummy mate and I think Mark does, too).  I want him to help me with a project that’s just barely moving forward…I think it’d be lucrative for him and for me.  And hey, for those of us who live for the next fabric run, lucrative is necessary!  It’s quilt patterns, perhaps a fabric design, it’s with a major star and it’s definitely quilt news-worthy.  But, I’m a mere southerner, and it’s not so easy to conduct business with those on the east coast, without a contact on the east coast. 

So, ummm, Mark … said in my best come-hither-without-meaning-it-in-that-way-batting-my-eyelashes-at-you look ….

oh wait, that’s not Mark’s style at all …

So, ummmm, Mark … why the heck (toned down cursing, because I gave up my bar wench from he** behavior when my children started to mimic me) haven’t you noticed my quilt with your fabrics?  And why the heck haven’t you emailed me already??!!!

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    1. Mark Lipinski says:

      Oh my goodness! Now I get it! I LOVE Strippin’ with the Stars!
      As a matter of fact, the title alone had me SCREAMING!!! What a creative mind! Hysterical!

      Just email me privately, and tell me what you want/need. I’m at your disposal!

      Your blog has me howling! And anyone who knows me knows that if you can make me laugh, you’ve won me forever!

      Happy Valentine’s Day, Valentinemato! LOLOL xooxm

      Mark Lipinski

    2. Luann in CT says:

      You rock! As I do know Mark if he found you then you are on the in list! Have fun designing I know I am! Mark is the best thing to happen in quilting since sliced bread! A breathe of fresh air etc etc etc…. I know he has won many hearts over with his laughter and wit. I wish you and Mark great success! Enjoy the ride!

    3. mel... says:

      Um hum… my dear Buddy Tammy has had me laughing at her antics for well over a decade. I consider myself SO LUCKY… I possess several of her GORGEOUS quilts! Including one that’s KING SIZE. She’s SO talented.

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