Countdown to Christmas Day #20, 2010

Putting your Block #5 Together:

  1. Take the FOUR White 3 3/8: blocks and create EIGHT (8) half-square triangles with the Red squares
  2. Make TWO (2) rows with your white squares and white/red half-square triangle blocks, then sew them to the four-square blocks you made – make TWO (2) of these rows :
  3. Make TWO (2) of these with the half-square triangles you made:
  4. Now make the following center four-patch block with the Yellow and Green squares:
  5. Make TWO (2) of these rows:
  6. Next, add your white strips to the sides of the abovementioned block:
  7. Finally, attach the center of your block as shown:

To be continued…

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