Forgive Me

My brain is sometimes a mass of mush.   Perhaps I have too much going on?  Perhaps I’m trying to juggle too much with life?  Or perhaps it’s that I don’t deal well with a nagging child (or four) … but, last weekend, I made a huge faux pas.

The three younger kids were scheduled to perform a puppet show, about being the salt of the earth, in church on Sunday.  They’ve been practicing for this during their Wednesday evening Sacred Arts classes for a month.  These classes are different than Sunday School and they are taught by the musical director at our church.  Ms. Judy is a very lovely lady, who has an infectious laugh and quite a bit of talent for the arts.  And I assist Ms. Judy in her weekly classes, since I’m the winner with the most kids!

As I previously mentioned, Sunday also marked the beginning of Catholic schools week, whereby the girls’ school has activities planned every single day.  Which started on Sunday.

Do you see where I’m going here?  They were required to attend Mass on Sunday.  Did I remember that they were to do the puppet show?  Did I *do* anything with the written reminder note that Ms. Judy gave them last week? 

Oh my, was I embarrassed.  And I felt SO AWFUL for Ms. Judy, once we realized what we’d done.

The youngest Miss started nagging on me on Thursday, about attending Mass.  Because their music class was singing.  And she really wanted to go.

Long about Saturday, I had completely forgotten about the puppet show … and finally relented to the whiney, nagging child that yes, we’d attend Mass.

I mean to tell you, every single one of us forgot about the puppet show.  SIX PEOPLE!

So, I had to apologize.  In person, of course, but also in a way that Ms. Judy knows that we were truly sorry.  Remember, she is a retired elementary school music teacher … a bumper sticker on her auto says Bach on Board and she plays more musical instruments than I can name … hence, the inspiration for quilted notecard, my:

Note of Apology

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