Hurray, I Found My Sewing Room!

I told my MIL the other day that I was having quilting withdrawls … I haven’t been in my sewing room for about 10 days!  The reason?  The PILES!  Before, during and after the holidays, my sewing room became the “put it in there” room — everything and anything that didn’t have a place went into my room. 

“Just put it in there,” I’d say, “until I can get to it.”

I had also drug all of my scrapbooking boxes (ahem, there’s six of those big Rubbermaid boxes of scrapbooking things in my little room) at Thanksgiving and *thought* I’d be able to add a shelf and keep everything organized and at-hand.  Stupid me!  I have TOO MUCH to put on the shelf that I have … and what’s really sad is that the shelf is nearly floor-to-ceiling, with six shelves!  {blush} yeah, too much stuff.  When I unpacked the lot of it and realized I could only pare down ONE measley box, I decided to heck with it — leave everything in the boxes and pull them out when needed.

But, in the meantime, the rest of the room filled up!  My husband could get in the door and to the ironing board – but, that was about it!

So, yesterday, when I forced the kids to clean their rooms, I figured it was high time I did the same.  I *need* to have my sewing room accessible at all times – in case I get in a mood to design or sew. 

It took me about three hours to clean it up, put boxes away, re-pack most of the scrapbooking stuff … and move forward.  When I was done, it was all very lovely!  AND, I was able to put a new block together last night – behold!


This is the block for a new pattern I designed for my lovely quilter, Mary Kate, to kit at her online shop.  Isn’t it FUN?! 

Now, no more excuses.  I have two more patterns to perfect and a little spool banner to design and write a pattern for. 

hmmm, what am I sitting here for?!

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