Our Wedding Quilt

When we were fixin’ to get married, I made my husband and myself a log cabin wedding quilt for our marriage bed.  Although I tied it, it has held up extremely well over the past 18+ years of marriage.  I love this quilt, and the design and the historical significance of the block itself. 

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    1. karen says:

      first off, just starting to create my new blogsite ( My Passionate Obsessions ), but I am struggling with adding areas to show my quilts, and such.. Second, this quilt, Tammy , is so pretty in your log colors.. just thinking back to what a marriage bed should represent, ie. home, life, family.. a log cabin is representing longevity, love, togetherness ( sometimes TOO MUCH togetherness? ), faith.. May your home represent ALL of those things, girlfriend.. Love you!

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