2011 Block of the Month from BOMquilts.com

I have already started planning next year’s block of the month quilt, and it is a BEAUTY!  The fabrics are luscious:

“Pure” designed by Sweetwater for Moda

And the first block has been made:

I am anxious to continue creating original blocks to be able to put this quilt together!  I hope you’ll join me at BOMquilts.com in February 2011 when we start this beautiful quilt!

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    4 comments to 2011 Block of the Month from BOMquilts.com

    • Susan Kalia  says:

      This new 2011 BOM quilt looks like it would be beautiful! Is it going to be a sampler quilt?

    • Bonnie Doolin  says:

      How much will it cost each month for the packets? Not sure I can afford to do this but am just getting started in quilting and would like to see what’s out there. Thanks for any information. I love the colors!!!

    • Lori  says:

      I don’t see ‘this’ block in the BOM quilt top when I click on that link. I love this block and this fabric but the actual top isn’t that inspiring…the ‘purly 9’ top? Is that the BOM quilt you’re referring to in this post or am I missing something?

    • Tammom  says:

      Changed the pattern of the quilt, Lori – so, this one is not a part of the nine-patch BOM that’s currently going on at http://www.bomquilts.com.

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