Bookmarks Baby!

Our oldest daughter gave me one of the BEST gifts at Christmas, and she made it all by herself!


I throw fits when the girls bend over pages of books (especially those that aren’t theirs), or when they break the spine of a book by leaving it open to save their page.  I also have a minor breakdown when I go searching for a bookmark, only to find that someone took it and didn’t put it back. 

But not anymore!  Not only do I have these  lovely hand-made bookmarks that DD#1 made for me, I can put other bookmarks that I find in the same box, so all of us can have quick access to a bookmark!  Long live books!

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    1. mel... says:

      LOVE THE BOOKMARKS! LOVE HER IDEA! I have “that” bad habit of dog earring pages. Think I’ll create myself a little basket of BOOKMARKS, also!

    2. Tammom says:

      YOU have a BAD habit? Wow, what a way to crash my thoughts that you never did anything bad. HAHA If you’re really nice, I might be able to get KB to make you a set, too!

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