Happy Birthday Husband of Mine

Normally, I would put a photograph of my dashing husband up here, celebrating and commemorating (or is that commiserating?) his special day.

Not anymore.

I have found that some of my photos are being used on other VERY INAPPROPRIATE websites.  NOT AGAIN!  I will no longer be putting up photos of my family, unless I password protect the post.  If you see a password protected post and know me personally, then feel free to email me for the password.   Otherwise, I will stick to my knitting (errrr, quilting) and only post photos of my quilt or craft projects on this blog.

What a sad state of affairs.  What a total drain of my time and energies.  But, I will pray for those who have sinned against me and my family – because they need all the prayers we can send them.

Happy birthday, honey!

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