Memory Quilt

I met with an older lady and her mother last year at a local (yummy) restaurant as they were interested in someone making a quilt for their daughter/grandaughter.  The parents were older parents when they adopted a little girl.  The Grandmother made all of the little girl’s clothes, and had saved scraps of fabric from those clothes and they wanted them used in a quilt for the young girl.

I was more than happy to oblige, as I thought the idea of a memory quilt, across the generations, was so special for all involved.  From Grandmother to mother to daughter.  That, my friends, is the goal of all of my quilt-making — sharing the love and memories forever.

This weekend, I *finally* made the time to make the quilt top – and I sure hope the customers like it!


The quilt will be sent to my quilter tomorrow and I hope it is all that the customers are looking for!

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