Christmas Countdown – 28 Days Until Christmas

There are angels among us.  I am sure of it.  Everything around us seems to be falling apart (myself included) – the transmission & transfer case went out of the Suburban, my glasses broke, I have a broken (painful) tooth and the house is needing repairs already (warranty issues, hopefully)…the list goes on and on.

But, amongst the turmoil and chaos, angels here on earth have touched me.  Deeply.  And I thank God for them and for their generosity and compassion.  I hesitate to call it love when we’re truly just business associates.  But, it’s angelic and wonderful and good.

Today’s photo is a bright memory from a dark childhood.  When I was in the eighth grade at a Lutheran school in Fort Dodge, Iowa … my teacher was Mr. Haake.  I had been removed from my first foster home (by the police who came to school to get me because it was a bad home) and was living in my third foster home, where we’d just found out my younger foster sister had cancer.  Mr. Haake was kind, quiet and reserved – but, he often pulled me aside to offer words of encouragement and bits of faith-strength to help me through my days.  He made Christmas gifts for all of the students in our class.  I don’t remember what the boys got, but all of the girls received this beautiful angel that he painstakingly beaded.  I still have mine and it hangs with distinction on our Christmas tree.  A couple of years ago, I sent an email to the pastor of that church because I felt I needed to let Mr. Haake know that I was ok, I’d survived the mess of my youth and was doing well – and I thanked him for caring about me so long ago.  It just so happened that the week I emailed, they were honoring Mr. Haake and his wife (who was also a teacher at the school) for their many years of service to the church and school community.  The pastor wanted to read my letter aloud during this ceremony and wanted to know if he could have permission to do so.  I was touched, but at that point, I realized just how much the teachers, staff and pastors at that school held me up when no one else did.  Yet another group of angels here on earth.


Thoughts for this Christmas Countdown day:  Look around at the angels in your life.  Some you may recognize immediately … some, you may not even notice at first glance.  But, be thankful for them.  Praise God for them.  Angels help keep the faith.

And for a little crafed quilty fun, let me share with you what I’m making this year for Christmas!  I have a number of kids (and kids at heart) on my Christmas list who we need to buy for.  I’m kinda on my last dollar, so decided to spend my time making gifts for everyone.  This year, the gifts will be quilted tote bags!  And, as I explained to one pal, if I make an error while piecing them, I’m the designer … so, I’ll just call it my creative license and go on with my life!



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    1. Sherry says:

      Thank you for sharing your touching story about Mr. Haake. Hope things get better soon. Those tote bags are so cute! Take care.

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