Another Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet Completed

Ah yes, the annual “mom cooks until she can’t stand up anymore” banquet came and went, with nary a backache and only one minor mishap (JD forgot to get the tater tots out of the freezer to cook for the boys).  I do love to cook, and I don’t mind volunteering to cater such events – I even enjoy it, because it usually involves some or all of the kids, at one point or another.  But, it sure is a lot of work crammed into a short time span!

This year, our menu consisted of chicken tenders, cooked by a local grocery store deli.  Can you think of anything more convenient?  For the boys, I offered the plain, breaded chicken tenders.  For adults (and the more advanced palattes of the kids), I layered the tenders with black forest ham and swiss cheese, to create a mock Chicken Cordon Bleu.  It was a GREAT hit, and many folks came back for more!

We also had herb-crusted and roasted potatoes, baked beans, green beans, brownies, blue & gold (yellow) Jello jigglers and a lovely pasta salad:

And my husband did his schtick, since he’s the pack committee chairman (and the cubmaster and the Bear den leader were unable to attend the event), he wanted to be sure to let the young cub scouts (and the older ones, too) see just how far the upcoming Pinewood Derby races had come from the days of old:

What a funny guy!  We were honored to have two distinguished gentlemen share in the ceremony, our local county Judge (Eagle ’62) and a local community leader (Eagle, date unknown).  How fun it is for these young boys and blossoming men to see just how successful one can be, and give much of the credit to their years as Scouts.  I, for one, was delighted and touched … and then a bit freaked out … as my husband received yet another year’s pin, making him involved in the Boy Scout program for 43 years {gulp}.

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