Tutorial Tuesday: Machine Embroidered & Quilted Mug Rug


I am having a blast with my new embroidery/sewing machine!  It’s been sitting in its box since I received it because I didn’t have room to set it up until I moved to my quilt studio.  For my first project, I made an embroidered and quilted mug rug…then thought of all sorts of people I wanted to make one for.  I might even make them for imaginary people, it’s that much fun!

Ahem.  On with the show….errr, tutorial!


  • Fabric for embroidery
  • Stabilizer for embroidery
  • Scrap fabric for borders, backing & binding
  • Batting



Cut the fabric and stabilizer for the embroidery about 2″ wider than your embroidery hoop.


Insert your fabric and stabilizer into your embroidery hoop, pulling the fabric so that it does not have any puckers or wrinkles on it.  Secure it in the hoop and tighten the hoop so the fabric does not move around.


Set your hoop up in your embroidery machine and choose an embroidery pattern.  Then, let the embroidery machine do all the embroidery work for you!


Once your embroidery machine is finished, remove your fabric and stabilizer from the hoop and press flat.


Square up your embroidery and trim the excess fabric away.


Using fabric scraps, cut the left and right borders to your embroidery to whatever size you’d like to make your mug rug (adding in your seam allowances).


Sew the left and right borders to your embroidered center.


Press your left and right borders toward the scrap fabric.


Repeat the same process with the top and bottom borders.


Press and lightly starch the finished mug rug top.


Create your quilt sandwich with your embroidered top, batting and backing.


Securely pin your quilt sandwich.


Machine quilt your mug rug in whatever pattern you prefer.


Trim your mug rug so that the top, batting and backing are all the same size.


Prepare your binding and bind your mug rug.


Congratulations!  Now you have a lovely mug rug to use or gift to someone!


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    Friday Funday: Free Thanksgiving Quilt Patterns

    “Turkey” Free Quilt Pattern designed by Sindy Rodenmayer from Free-Quilting.com

    “Table Top Turkey Trot” Free Quilt Pattern designed by Em Komiskey from Moda Bakeshop

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      Quilt Shop Love: Quilt Studio Warming Gifts

      I have said it often and I will continue to say it – AbbyMays.com is my all-time favorite quilt shop.  Whether I am making a quilt project exclusively for her or a personal one for me, Linda is always willing to send me fabric for whatever my needs are.  Her prices are unbeatable and if you wait just a few months, most of her current fabrics go on sale on top of already being 10% off the retail prices.  If you don’t have a regular online quilt shop you order from, take a look at AbbyMays.com and take advantage of all Linda has to offer.  I promise, you will not be sorry!

      Last week, I announced that my quilt studio was finally ready for me to enjoy all of my sewing, embroidery and longarm creativity.  I have gone out there and stood just inside the door and marveled at how special that space is to me, how blessed I am to have had it gifted to me and my eyes took in the wonder of everything around me.  Just like I like to lay out my new fabrics, just for their eye candy – that’s what I’ve been doing in my studio.  Is almost a shame to start cutting up fabric and making a mess!

      And then I asked Linda at AbbyMays.com if I could pick out a few fabrics as a quilt studio warming gift to myself.  Of course, she said yes!  And of course, I have to share my special gifts with you!




      And now for the fun of designing quilts around these fabrics and enjoying the results from the fruits of my quilted labor!

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