Christmas in July 2015 at Celebrate Winter

This is the third Block Set in my Christmas in July FREE pattern celebration.  It is stunning.  There’s no better way to describe it.  There’s depth, it’s a little challenging, it’s fun and it’s the perfect use of the light, medium and dark fabrics from designer Sandy Lynam Clough’s “Winter Celebration” fabrics, distributed by Red Rooster Fabrics.

I thank Abbi May’s Fabric Shop for sponsoring another Christmas in July season!

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    Tutorial Tuesday: “Strip Tease” Table Runner Pattern & Tutorial


    “Strip Tease” Table Runner Finished Size: 17″ x 34 1/2″

    Items Needed:

    • 5/8 yard Focus Fabric
    • 1/4 yard Bleached (white) muslin
    • 1/4 yard Unbleached (ecru) muslin
    • FOUR (4) Dark Blue 2 1/2″ squares
    • FOUR (4) Medium Blue 2 1/2″ squares


    Quilt Therapy Instructions:

    • Cutting:
      • Focus Fabric:  Cut NINE (9) 2 1/2″ x 16 1/2″ strips
      • Bleached (white) muslin:  Cut FOUR (4) 2 1/2″ x 20″ strips
      • Unbleached (ecru) muslin:  Cut FOUR (4) 2 1/2″ x 20″ strips
      • Focus Fabric:  Cut TWO (2) 2″ x WOF strips for Binding
      • Backing Fabric:  Your choice of fabric color – 18″ x 37″
      • Quilt Batting:  18″ x 37″
    • Sew the Dark Blue 2 1/2″ squares to both ends of the Bleached (white) muslin.
    • Sew the Medium Blue Blue 2 1/2″ squares to both ends of the Unbleached (ecru) muslin.
    • Lay out all of your strips.  The Focus Fabric strips are the anchors for this table runner, they belong on both ends of the table runner as well as in-between the tonal strips.
    • Use your own creativity to decide where your Blue 2 1/2″ squares should be placed – remember the tonal aspect so be sure your placement is one Bleached (white) muslin strip set and then one Unbleached (ecru) muslin strip set.  From there, the placement is completely up to you.  Once you decide where you want each Bleached (white) muslin/Dark Blue strip and each Unbleached (ecru) muslin strip, cut the excess fabric from the strip.  The final length of the strip needs to equal 16 1/2″.  NOTE:  I left my tonal/blue strips just a bit longer than required so I could square everything up after sewing the table runner top together.
    • Now it is time to sew your strips together.  Begin with sewing one Focus Fabric strip to one of your tonal/blue strips.  The biggest thing you need to worry about, when sewing your strips together, is to always sew your strips in opposite directions.  This will make sure your strips remain straight without a curve in the finished product.  One good way to remember which direction you sewed your strips in is to place a pin at the end of each set of fabric strips, indicating which direction you started sewing from.  Press the strips in the direction of the Focus Fabric:


    • After sewing the first group of single strips into double strips, now it’s time to sew the double strips together (remember to sew from the opposite direction as the first seams were sewn):


    • All of the strips of fabric strips should now be sewn together.  Be sure to place the extra Focus Fabric strip to the end of your table runner on whichever tonal strip you is at the end.
    • Square up your table runner.  Make sure the fabric on both sides are the same length.



    • Table runner top all sewn, squared up and pressed:


    • Sew the binding strips together.  There will be at least 1/2 of a strip of Focus Fabric left from the cutting requirements above.  That is needed for the binding so cut the width down to 2″.  Then sew the two full and one partial 2″ binding strips together:


    • Make your quilt sandwich with the table runner top, batting & backing.  Pin into place to secure all three layers.


    • Quilt as desired:


    • Final step is to square up your table runner so that the batting & backing are the same size as the table runner top and then add your binding.  This table runner’s binding is 1/4″ on the front, whip-stitched on the back.  Enjoy!


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      “Garden Veggies” Table Topper Featured in the August Issue of “The Quilt Pattern Magazine”

      If you’re not already a subscriber, make it a point to subscribe to The Quilt Pattern Magazine as one of my original designs is featured in the August 2015 issue – a table topper titled “Garden Veggies”!

      I had my “Garden Veggies” table topper sitting on our coffee table one day.  Our second-born daughter looked at it and said she really liked it.  She asked me what the name of it was…I told her “Garden Veggies”.  She studied it for a minute and then let out a laugh.  She said, “Okay, Mom, this fabric is a perfect representation of our garden!  This fabric (center w/dots) are those exploding tomato plants Dad planted, that grew over six feet tall.  And this yellow is the crook-neck squash, the green is the zucchinis and the brownish/orange-ish fabric is the sweet potatoes.”

      Can you see what she sees?


      Truly a whole lot of bang for your buck if you are a subscriber to The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  I’ve enjoyed every single issue, whether I have a submission in it or not!

      The fabric for this project was sponsored by Abbi May’s Fabric Shop, where ALL fabric is at least 10% off retail EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

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        Friday Funday: Funky Quilts

        “Kwik Funky Quilt – the TKQ way” designed by Karie from Two Kwik Qiulters

        “Original Gypsy Caravan Fat Quarters Quilt” designed by and from Amy Butler

        “Sampler in Solids” designed by Gwen Marston from Robert Kaufman

        “Improvisational Sampler Quilt” designed by from Moda Bakeshop

        “Alchemy Quilt” designed by and from Amy Butler

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