Get Ready for the Annual “Christmas in July” at!


I’m really excited to present this year’s annual “Christmas in July 2015” at!  I have already created two very fun quilt projects and have three more planned, am just waiting on the fabric to arrive from!  What a fabulous sponsor of all things quilty!

This year, instead of just doing one project theme, such as table toppers or runners, lap quilts, wall hangings, etc.  I am creating projects and instructions that will allow quilters the option of making any size of quilt projects out of my block designs.

I have to share with you, though, the perfection of my points on the projects I’ve already put together – they make me quiver with quilty goodness when I am spot-on with my sewing:



Watch beginning in July for my “Christmas in July 2015” free quilt patterns!



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    Friday Funday: Celebrate our Red, White and Blue!

    “Country Spirit” by Karen Dever from McCall’s Quilting


    “American Valor” by Gail Kessler for Andover Fabrics

    “Garden Stars and Stripes” by Tracey Jacobsen from traceyjay quilts for Moda Bakeshop


    “Quilter’s Garden Star” by Fresh Water Designs for E.E. Schenck

    “Broad Stripes, Bright Star Pattern” by Darlene Zimmerman from Robert Kaufman Fabrics

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      Quilt Fabric Sales

      Unless I am extremely enamored with a fabric or a fabric line (and I do have my favorite fabric designer’s), my motto has always been – why pay retail prices?  When I was a new quilter, I would go to quilt shops and head directly for their sales area.  That is how I built up my stash – only buying fabric that was on sale.  Even as I continued to quilt and advance my talents, I still started with the sales areas.  Who knows when that half-price three yard cut of fabric will come in handy for a quilt top or even as quilt backing?

      That is the premise behind Quilt Fabric Sales – why pay retail?


      Check us out today!

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        Tutorial Tuesday: Repurposing Washcloths

        Last week, I opened one of our linen cabinets in search of an old towel and everything came tumbling out.  Once I had what I was looking for, the guilt of just shoving everything back and closing the doors to hide the ugly mess hit me.  I opened the doors back up and took matters into my own hands – reorganizing.  After all was said and done, I realized that we had a disproportionate number of washcloths to towels.  Even a family of six doesn’t need three times more washcloths than towels!


        Time for a washcloth intervention!

        After pulling out some of the washcloths, I decided to make ditty bags out of them for camping adventures.  Last week I had two kids off at camp, this week two kids at camp, next week two kids again…and so on.  Summer is for camping and all four of my kids love to camp!

        I began by matching up plain colored washcloths with washcloths that had a pattern on them.


        Then I trimmed up three sides so they were both even, pinning them, right sides together, as I went along.  I did not trim the top of the washcloths – they were already finished out and I didn’t see the need to trim them and then hem them.  I was repurposing, not reinventing!


        Using a wide zig-zag stitch with a medium stitch length, I sewed the washcloths with a 1/4″ seam allowance on the two sides and then sewed across the bottom.


        This is a photo of the inside-out washcloths after they were sewn together.


        Then I turned the bag right-side out and used my handy-dandy corner tool to push the two corners out.


        This is the ditty bag, ready for the next step.


        Using about 16″ of 100% cotton, 1/4″ diameter cording, thread a wide-eyed needle.  This will become the drawstring for the ditty bag.


        Using large stitches, begin at the corner of the top of the ditty bag and sew all the way around the opening, tying off the cording with a knot.  A camper can not only but a bar of soap in it and use it as-is in the shower, they can also store all of their personal items inside it (in a plastic bag) to make it easy to carry their toiletries at once!

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