Friday Funday: Free Quilted Bed Runner Tutorials

“Pocketed Bed Runner” by and from JaniJo

“Quilted Chevron Bedscarf” by Sew Homegrown from Sew, Mama, Sew!

“E-Gadget Bed Runner” by Jane Davidson from Moda Bakeshop


“Subtle Skies” Table Runner by TK Harrison from

“Bed Runner with Pockets” by Jane Davidson from Moda Bakeshop

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    A Dazzling Quilt Label

    I asked a quilty friend, Mary Mann, if she would make some embroidered quilt labels for me.  The three quilts I needed them for were pretty special quilts and I wanted labels that would last a long time.  When I received the labels from her, she surprised and delighted me with a little razzmatazz on one of the labels that goes on a quilt gift to a breast cancer survivor!


    Thanks Mary!

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      The Quilt I Couldn’t Say No To is Finished!

      The story of this quilt started here and here.


      “Deer Creek Camp Memories” T-shirt Quilt

      And no quilt would be complete without a set of matching pillowcases!


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        Tutorial Tuesday: Tying a Craft Knot

        Many years ago, I read something somewhere about how to tie a craft knot and I have been tying my craft knots the same way since then.  But, when I am around others and tie a craft knot, I have found that nearly all of them have no idea what I am doing or how it is done.  So, let me explain the mystery and show you the way to tie a craft knot.


        Take the two ends of your yarn (or thread), one in each hand.


        Cross your yarn (or thread) over each other.


        Pull your yarn (or thread) under and through the circle, just as you do for tying a regular knot.


        Now, instead of stopping and pulling your yarn (or thread) tight to form a knot, do another pass through your circle, the same as above – making a second pass through your loop.


        This is what a craft knot looks like before it’s pulled tight.


        The little knot you see in the center of this photograph is a craft knot.  Under most conditions, a craft knot stays tight and will not slip when you use it.  If using it on something that is filled tight with fiberfill, tie two craft knots (one after the other).  The first knot will probably slip because it is trying to hold so much together…but the second knot gives it added stability and usually does not slip.  I add a granny square knot on top of my craft knots most of the time, just for additional strength.

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          Remembrance Day

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