The Man? He Can Quilt!

I purchased a used Tin Lizzy Eighteen longarm and frame about three years ago.  It has sat in the boxes until about three months ago because we didn’t have anyplace to put it up.  Once the quilt studio was finished, my husband’s first task was to get that longarm set up so I knew how much room was left in the studio for all of my quilting paraphernalia.

We knew that I may not be able to run the longarm because of the side effects of my MS so hubby set it all up and then searched high and lo to find instructions and ideas and everything-under-the-sun about topics such as threading the machine, what quilt thread worked best, etc. etc.

Once I helped him with a few housekeeping instructions, he’s not a quilter so I had to explain some terminology and longarm quilting advice.

Once he had that info, he went to town!  He finished quilting a baby quilt and was SO VERY PROUD of his accomplishment – as well he should be!  With only a few errors, he got on a roll and never backed down – even when I shared my seam ripper with him for some boo-boos 🙂

Without further ado – here he is with the 40″ square baby quilt he quilted:

Lee's Bday 002

And when one of our daughters pointed out that ‘read men don’t quilt’ I had to follow that up with the names of male quilters that I virtually knew of and she backed down.  😉  ©2015 TK Harrison ~ All Rights Reserved.

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    Friday Funday: Quilting in the Round Tutorials

    “Confetti Quilt Tutorial” by Holly DeGroot from Bijou Lovely

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    “No Sweat Circles” by Sharon from Color Girl

    “Bullseye Baby” by Deonn from Riley Blake

    “Comfort and Joy Circle Quilt Tutorial” by Karen Anderson-Abraham from Blooming Poppies

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      Quilting Corrections

      I have been making a queen-size t-shirt quilt for a friend’s daughter and son-in-law.  Queen-size as in it covers a queen-size bed and has about a 10″ drop all the way around it.  It’s not only the largest quilt I’ve ever made, it is extremely heavy!  My longarm quilter, Meloney, did an amazing job of quilting it with small-ish curlycues – which is where the extra weight, compared to a larger longarm quilted pattern, comes from.

      Unfortunately, she encountered an issue that I have to correct – *none* of which is her fault.  A few of the t-shirts are very saturated with screen printing.  So much so that she couldn’t even consider quilting on those shirts without causing damage to her longarm.

      She made a suggestion as to how to correct the issue and I asked another respected quilter what her suggestion would be – and both agreed with each other so that’s what I’ll do.  You can see the issues below.  The white is the backing on the quilt and then the t-shirt photos follow the white quilted fabric photos.




      007  009

      The correction will be done using a simple needle and thread and just tacking the t-shirts down (and hiding the thread in the batting), in as many places as necessary to keep the three quilt layers together for the long haul.  I love it that the fix is simple and love it even more when I can correct an issue without compromising the design of the quilt!

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        Quilt Keepers

        I don’t know how many quilts other quilters have made and keep for themselves, but I do know that I have made hundreds of quilts and have only kept three for myself.  To clarify that statement, I have one quilt that I made as a wedding quilt for myself and my husband and that one remains ‘ours’.  I have made my children baby quilts and now older-kid quilts and they have kept them.  I also made a quilt for my husband many years ago and we still have that quilt.

        But me personally?  Not so much.  And what I find even more interesting is that of the three quilts I kept and our family uses regularly, they all have RED as a main color!  Red isn’t my favorite color.  I don’t dislike it but it is obviously a color I’m drawn to though still not my favorite color.  In fact, it doesn’t even rank as my top three favorite colors!  LOL

        I must also state that friends and/or family have asked for at least two of my quilts that I have saved for myself.  One wanted the quilt outright because it matched her own favorite color palette.  The other has been requested by a number of people (as a gift or to purchase it) but it is the most precious one of mine and I don’t care how much someone offers for it, I will not give it away or sell it


        (pattern source)

        This is a smallish lap quilt.  Well, small for my 5’9″ frame!  But it is also the quilt that is nearest and dearest to my heart.  When I was 12-years-old, I had already been moved to my third foster home.  My foster parents had three biological children and one of them was a daughter who was a year younger than I was.  She and I shared a bedroom and we became quite close – well, as close as to pre-teen’s could be.  She was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin’s disease (cancer of the lymph nodes) about six months after I moved in and she passed away less than a year later.  On the cards that were handed out at her funeral service was a quote, “God gave us flowers so we could have roses in December.”  This quilt of roses is in loving memory of my foster sister and I am always reminded of her innocence and love when I touch it and allow its loving quilt-i-ness surround me and keep me warm.


        (pattern source)

        I made two of these quilts, one in this deep red and dark green color tones and one in beach color tones which I gifted to a dear friend.  Although there are parts of this quilt that aren’t ‘me’, the bold colors definitely add color enough to jazz up a room!


        (pattern source)

        Finally, I come to this quilt.  The design is fun and eclectic and is the first quilt I had designed using the newly released Charm Packs from Moda.  There are only two fabrics that I needed yardage for, to make this quilt – everything else is made from 5″ fabric squares.  Besides that, the reason I retained this quilt is because the fabric name is also my maiden name.  Whether I’d like to distance myself from the paternal side of my family or not, it is part of me and part of a legacy for my children.

        I have one more quilt that is already quilted (I just need to bind it) that I will keep – and believe it or not, it’s not red!  🙂  It is my 2013 BOM from “Pendleton Inspired” quilt.  That quilt was designed with an amazing summer of fun inspiration where our little family spent three months touring the Pacific northwest.  We stopped in Pendleton, OR for about a week and were blessed with being able to tour the Pendleton Woolen Mills factory.  Once we read up on the history behind the Pendleton Woolen Mills and their woven Pendleton blankets, I knew I had to create a quilt design out of some of their historical blanket designs.

        That leaves four quilts specifically saved for me.  And each will go to one of my four children, at some future time – with a special handwritten ‘story’ about each quilt.  Until then, we shall all enjoy some lovingly made quilted hugs.

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          Terrific Tuesday Means Free Quilted Table Topper Pattern!

          For those of you who love free quilt and quilt project patterns, I think you’re going to love this quick and easy table topper!  This is an original design by myself (TK Harrison) using scrappy fabrics and is just enough to bring the fall colors to any table!

          This quilt project was first published in the October 2014 issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  Now YOU get access to it for FREE on!


          “Maple Leaves Falling on the Table” designed, pieced & quilted by TK Harrison

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