Friday Funday: Quick and Easy Quilted Table Runners

Pinwheel Stars Tablerunner designed by Julie Cefalu, The Crafty Quilter

Boxy Christmas Table Runner from Piece N Quilt

Artful Simplicity designed by Kari Nichols for McCall’s Quilting

Christmas Patchwork Table Runner designed by Sveltlana from S.o.t.a.k Handmade

Holly Jolly Funtabulous Quick Tablerunner designed by TK Harrison from

Simple Table Runner designed by Sherri from A Quilting Life

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    A Box for Me, A Box for Me – Whatever Could it Be?

    I saw the FedEx truck pull up to my MIL’s last week, but since I knew I hadn’t ordered anything, I just figured it was for her.  On Saturday morning, my husband showed me a box that was addressed to me…but, I had no clue who it was from:


    I suppose I virtually know folks in Illinois, but that town didn’t stand out in my mind as anyone that I knew – and I had no clue who Diamond Marketing Solutions was nor who had their own shipping department!

    My husband cut the tape on the box for me, and this is what I saw:


    Whoa!  That’s a lot of paper packing – but still, it did not reveal a single clue as to who sent the box and what was in it.  I pulled out the paper to find this:


    Okay, now I had a hint as to what was in the box but I hadn’t ordered any Aurifil thread (I usually purchase mine a quilt shop that carries it)!  My husband then cut the tape on this envelope and out pops some beautiful variegated thread and white thread, 40 wt. for my longarm:


    The next thing to slide out of the box was this:


    Ah yes, I have quite a collection of these beautiful boxes!  When I opened that beautiful blue and white box – more thread popped out!


    And now the light bulb (or spool) finally comes into focus.  These threads are for Aurifil co-sponsoring my 2015 block of the month quilt at!   Look how gorgeous the threads are with the fabric!


    I’ll open an unknown box anytime if it has such beautimous fabric and/or thread in it!

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      Flashback Tuesday: I Believe in a Card Holder

      There are so many wonderful quilt fabric panels on the market this year, one of them is just calling YOUR name so you can make this adorable “I Believe in a Card Holder” from’s 2010 Christmas in July quilt project:

      Here are some wonderful panels, and Abbi May’s Fabric Shop *always* has prices market at least 10% below MRP so you can purchase some coordinating yardage, too:

      Christmas in July 2010 free pattern – I Believe in a Card Holder from

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        Thanksgiving Blessing Basket as a Love Gift

        Loving and caring members, from a local church and a local club in our community, sent us a huge blessing – a Thanksgiving Blessing Basket as a Love Gift.  When I opened all of the bags and basket, the list of their gift to us grew and grew:

        • 22 lb. turkey
        • five cans of green beans
        • one can of candied yams
        • one can of cranberry sauce
        • package of cornbread stuffing mix
        • tube of refrigerator biscuits
        • eight potatoes
        • two yellow onions
        • bunch of green onions
        • small bunch of cilantro
        • two tomatoes
        • one lemon
        • five oranges
        • two apples
        • a bunch of grapes




        We are so very thankful to live in a community who shows such love to those in need or those that are home bound.  To HIM goes all the praise for our Thanksgiving bounty – and many blessings upon His servants for their Love Gift!

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